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An Interview with: Jennifer Rosales

Q. You made a birdied on one, seemed like everything was going good, did something turn at 7 and 8?

JENNIFER ROSALES: Yeah, that 7th hole my putt lipped out, and everything went downhill, couldn't get any breaks, couldn't make anything, and I was just very disappointed with myself right now.

Q. Were your nerves okay, were you feeling good?

JENNIFER ROSALES: I was feeling all right, I was hitting the ball pretty good, after 7. And just, you know, made some few good shots at the end, and just couldn't make anything. It just didn't want to go my way that way today.

Q. Meg rolled about a 50-footer on the 4 hole.

JENNIFER ROSALES: She played unbelievable golf today. She deserves to win. She played awesome. And she gets all the credit.

Q. (Inaudible).

JENNIFER ROSALES: You know, when the one you're playing with just makes everything, and you kind of lose your concentration. She makes a long one and you miss a short one, it's frustrating. But I told myself that, "Jen, you had a good tournament and just take that experience." I still have many Opens to come.

Q. What did you learn most out of this?

JENNIFER ROSALES: That you can't take anything for granted. Always hope for the best, which I did today. I thought I had it, and it was in the palm of my hand and just slipped.

Q. Were you looking at the leaderboard on the front nine to see if Annika was making a move or anything?

JENNIFER ROSALES: I wasn't thinking of the group in front of us, I was doing my thing. And it was just one of those days, you know.

Q. Did Meg play well enough (inaudible).

JENNIFER ROSALES: Actually my caddy and I were having a bet, she said, "She'll make this one, five bucks", and I said, "You're on", and then she makes it. It was -- she just made everything that she looked at. I couldn't believe it, she just made everything that she looked at.

You know, you just have those days. And I didn't have it today. She took it all from me.

Q. Anything you can learn from playing with her and watching her win?

JENNIFER ROSALES: Well, I always love playing with her, she's an awesome playing, her swing, her rhythm, everything. I'm still young, I've got more chances. I'm pretty happy.

Q. Are you glad that your mom was healthy enough to make it out and watch?

JENNIFER ROSALES: I'm happy that she made it all my family is here to support me. It's going to be a tough day, but I'll live.

End of FastScripts.