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Unisys Golf Scoring System

Unisys has been involved in golf scoring and TV graphic production since 1980. It is the cornerstone of its entire sports program.

The NT-based Unisys Golf Scoring and Information System is a full-featured, fast and extremely reliable system for the collection and presentation of stroke-, match- and team-play golf play tournament scoring information and is arguably the best in the world.

Scores and other statistics are entered directly into wireless electronic data entry devices at greenside or from the course by radio and entered at a central site via keyboard. Scoring and statistical data is presented throughout the tournament venue on color PC workstations. Users can obtain their own high-quality printed reports from workstation-attached laser printers at any time during the tournament.

Near real-time scoring and statistical data can be viewed throughout the global Internet. Content is automatically refreshed on hundreds of Web pages immediately upon every score change.

On site, the system is used by a host of different users. The press and media constantly require information in order to file stories, and to provide to-the-second TV and radio commentaries. At our major events, such as the U.S. Open and the British Open, the international media requires this critical information on a very timely basis. That is why Unisys provides this data quickly, simply and accurately, all at the touch of a button.