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Unisys, Rugby And Golf

Auto races are won in thousandths of a second. As such, race drivers and their team managers must make decisions based on instant and accurate information; it can mean the difference between first place, with all the glory, or a spot far down in the standings.

For more than 10 years, Unisys has partnered with Motor Sports Timing (MST) of Worcestershire, England to provide timing and results services for most of the major races in the UK, as well as Macau and China. 

Unisys joint solution employs a sophisticated transponder, emitting a unique frequency, that's fitted to all vehicles. As they cross the start/finish line the transponder ID is captured, along with the precise time the vehicle interrupts a light beam stretched across the line. This information is passed to Unisys PCs running MST's proprietary software, which then performs all the necessary calculations to produce full race analysis and results.

This information is relayed to TV monitors in pit stalls for the teams, to the track announcers, to the media, and also to TV companies in the form of highly sophisticated computer graphics.