A Flash Interview With: Brittany Lang

Q. Just tell us how you feel about your round, how your emotions progressed throughout the day.

BRITTANY LANG: I was pretty nervous teeing off, but I calmed down. It was fun playing with Lorie. She was friendly and I hit it great. I hit it the best I have hit it in a while, so that calmed me down, I just needed to get a little relaxed out there.

Q. Great front nine --

BRITTANY LANG: It kept the momentum going. The crowds were great, too. That was a lot of fun.

Q. You are sort known as a great stroke player, do you prefer that to matchplay?

BRITTANY LANG: I do like stroke-play better, but last summer I started to like matchplay a little bit with some of my amateur wins.

Q. You are turning pro when?

BRITTANY LANG: End of the summer.

Q. End of today maybe?

BRITTANY LANG: No (laughs). Definitely not.

Q. Obviously a lot of golf being played, talk about leading the U.S. Open after the first round.

BRITTANY LANG: I mean it's pretty exciting. There is a lot of golf to be played. I am just going to do what I always do, take it one day at a time have some fun.

Q. Probably part of you has to be excited.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I am excited but just golf.

Q. Excited and disappointed that the 18th hole got away, you know, it's a tough hole but...

BRITTANY LANG: It is a tough hole. I didn't hit very good tee shot. It was in the fairway but it wasn't solid.

I hit all -- I had driver, 3-wood in there. I thought maybe 3-wood was going to be a little much, so I took a little off it. Hit it right, but it's a tough hole, so if I give away one there, it's not the end of the world.

Q. There's an amateur still on the course everyone is talking about, but we have an amateur right here that's leading the Women's Open.

BRITTANY LANG: That's that Michelle Wie?

Q. Yes.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it's pretty exciting.

End of FastScripts.

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