An Interview With: Ai Miyazato

RHONDA GLENN: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome Ai Miyazato.

You turned professional after you won a professional event at the age of 18. Then you won five more in your rookie season. You certainly have the talent. What is it like to come to the United States and play in your second major championship, one that's probably the biggest women's championship in the world?

AI MIYAZATO: It has been a dream for me to get into this big major and I am really looking forward to playing this U.S. Open.

RHONDA GLENN: How do you like this golf course?

AI MIYAZATO: Probably it's going to be really difficult. I see the rough is very high and the fairways kind of narrow and the green is very stiff and hard, so it's going to be pretty hard.

RHONDA GLENN: I watched you in your practice round yesterday for a couple of holes. You hit the ball a long way. How far do you hit your tee shots on average?

AI MIYAZATO: It's around 250 yards, but when I got here I feel like I am hitting farther.


Q. With the success of the Japanese Tour, what is the draw to come to the United States and play in the major championships here?

AI MIYAZATO: First of all, I love the atmosphere here and the level is much, much higher to play, in LPGA Tour and it is one of my dreams to play. I am probably in the future, I want to come here and play.

So it has been a great opportunity to play here and to play with the best world golfers here.

RHONDA GLENN: I'd like to mention that in our audience is Ayako Okamoto, runner-up in 1987 Women's Amateur Championship.

Have you ever had a chance to meet Ayako or to play golf with her?

AI MIYAZATO: Yes, I did.

RHONDA GLENN: Did you play golf with her?

AI MIYAZATO: Yes, when I was an amateur.

RHONDA GLENN: We'll turn it over to the Japanese press.

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