A Flash Interview With: Nicole Perrot

Q. Nicole, Lorena was talking about she was happy not to be in the lead because she felt it was more pressure. How do you feel?

NICOLE PERROT: I don't worry about to be in the lead or score. I think it's pretty tough golf course, playing really tough. So I mean, I really focus about playing shot by shot, not really about score. I think it's -- two more days, two very tough days, I mean, the same so far have been very tough. So I think I am more focus about that to play shot by shot, my routine.

Q. What is it about USGA events that you play so well?

NICOLE PERROT: (Laughs). I don't know. I guess I like it. It's good. I have good memories of USGA tournaments like junior, I think it's a little bit different (laughs). It's way different, but still good memories.

Q. Did you come into this tournament thinking that you might play really well?

NICOLE PERROT: Yeah. This is my rookie year on Tour. I think that every week that I play even the U.S. Open, I mean, I think -- you never know what can happen on any given day, good things or bad. That's my mental -- I really think yeah, whatever can happen. Just here to have fun, enjoy to be here and stay really focus and shot by shot.

I think that's very important.

Q. What did you do during the delay?

NICOLE PERROT: It was pretty tough day after that 40 minutes was pretty long really tough. I said congratulations. She shot a great round.

She's a great player.

Q. How popular is golf in Chile?

NICOLE PERROT: We're working on that. I am the only golf pro there. Women's golf -- golf in Chile is very small. Tennis, soccer get the lead, for sure, but second tennis is growing up with --

I mean Top-20 players that we have Marcelo Rios used to be No. 1. Right now being on the Tour and all my sponsors are very popular sponsors, I mean, of the whole country, so I think that helps. But we're still working.

It's very small though.

Q. If you were to hold on, what would it means to your country?

NICOLE PERROT: I think big, I think big. Really big because I mean, I am the only athlete woman in my country that's playing actually something right now. We have a couple, but not like competitive -- outside the country, so, I think it's huge. Huge. But I mean, my goal -- like an athlete besides also sports goals, I think is to get, I mean, getting the sport bigger back home. I am working hard on that, making things for kids, my sponsor, too. I think it's getting bigger.

End of FastScripts.

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