A Flash Interview With: Morgan Pressel

Q. How are you feeling?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I feel okay. I am okay.

Q. What was 18 like for you?

MORGAN PRESSEL: She hit a great shot. I mean, I had to hole it. If I made bogey, didn't really matter.

Q. You were able to either see it or hear it? You were pretty emotional?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I saw it, yeah. You can't miss it when you have everyone, it's like oh, then all of a sudden eruption, it's like oh, it must have gone in.

Q. Describe what it was like to see that.

MORGAN PRESSEL: I was just like I can't believe that actually just happened, so....

Q. What was your strategy for 18?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Par. Par is a great score on 18. She obviously hit a great shot, maybe got a little lucky with the birdie but that happens. If I were to par 18 maybe give myself a chance at birdie go into a playoff the next day, maybe she made bogey, I don't know.

Q. All those emotions, you finish, all that emotions only goes down, the pressure of this tournament, how you handled it all day long?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I actually was not all that nervous playing the round after the first -- I thought I would be more nervous I hardly was nervous at all. Even coming down the stretch, it wasn't that I was nervous it was just that I needed to hit a good shot for myself.

Q. When we talked to you Monday unfortunately this is kind the way you were then, talk about the whole week. It has been obviously emotional roller coaster for you. You have had some enormous highs and some pretty bad lows.

MORGAN PRESSEL: I mean, I played pretty well all week, so, today wasn't my day.

Q. Talk about the experience here.

MORGAN PRESSEL: Definitely it is a great experience, come back the next couple of years and try and win it again.

Q. What are you going to take away from this week?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Just, you know, the experience, that I know that I can win, that I know that I can play with -- I was right there the whole way, just if a couple of shots went my way, you know, I left a couple on the lip, a couple didn't go in. It's going to happen.

Q. Emotions pretty much on your sleeve during today's round?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Always. Always. I don't hide them. I don't hide them well. I try. As you can see, I can't hide it.

Q. You think that will change with some maturity and experience?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't know. I don't know if it will change.

It's just it's disappointing. I wanted to win. And yeah, I finished second, but it's -- I am not holding the trophy.

Q. You got a medal though?

MORGAN PRESSEL: It's not the trophy.

Q. What about this week, the statement maybe that you youthful players are making with all of you guys toward the top of the leaderboard all week long?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Well, I mean there's a great bunch of young players, whether they are teenagers or young amateurs, it's, you know, I don't know, I mean, we have got a lot of experience at a younger age, the junior tournaments. Amateur tournaments are run so well, there so much competition that we come here with a ton of experience, which helps us a lot.

Q. Is it going to change the world of women's pro golf, do you think?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Hopefully, it's a goal. If we keep playing well we might.

Q. What does the rest of your summer look like?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I am going to play the Jamie Farr, the LPGA event in two weeks, then the junior and then -- two junior events then the Am, and then I have two more LPGA events, State Farm and the Wendy's.

Q. Is it more positive that you were so close or is it more negative?

MORGAN PRESSEL: More negative because I was there, but not there now, that's what matters, I guess.

Q. Will that change in 24 hours, 48 hours?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't know, call me. Probably not (laughs).

Q. At least you qualified for next year?


Q. How tough was this course today?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Well, look at the winning score, 3-over par, that's real high. The fairways got real firm, the greens got real firm, and they tried to stick pins on the front and over edges, so you are going to go over the back of the green a lot.

Q. (Inaudible)?

MORGAN PRESSEL: It's a championship golf course. It's not -- doesn't matter whether I really like it or not. I just got to play it and I have got to play well.

Q. What kind of rivalries are there among all you younger players, 22 and down, any rivalries developed yet?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't know if you can quite say that there's a one-on-one rivalry with anyone. I come out here, I just want to beat everyone, whether it's a young amateur or an older pro. Doesn't matter.

To win you have got to beat everybody. We're not playing like tennis, match-play format like next week, they have the match play. I don't know it's not like that.

End of FastScripts.

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