A Flash Interview With: Karen Stupples

Q. What did you hit to the green? How long was your putt?

KAREN STUPPLES: On No. 9, I hit a 7-iron and I had I think was about a 20-footer and on the first hole I had a wedge and it was about 5 feet.

The par 5, I hit from the bunker to about six feet. And made that one.

The par 3, I hit 6-iron to eight feet. Made that.

The next hole I hit driver into the bunker on the left. Hit 52 degree wedge to about 5 feet. Made that.

14, I hit a 7-iron and made another 6-foot, 7-foot putt.

Q. I am sure you have had streaks similar to that in the past, but was this a little bit more exciting?

KAREN STUPPLES: I don't think I really had one quite like this at such a huge championship. To do it so many holes in a row kind of felt a bit unreal really.

Q. It gives you momentum going into tomorrow?

KAREN STUPPLES: Definitely. I think with the good swing thoughts that I developed coming in through from the 9th hole. I think that will really stand me in good stead. As long as I stick to that tomorrow I should be fine.

Q. You have been through major pressure before and come out on top?


Q. Is it different in a major and how will you look at it tomorrow?

KAREN STUPPLES: For me, I mean, being really honest about it, when I won at the British Open I had a lot of good form going into it. I played well in some other tournaments felt really on top of my game. This week I feel really more nervous. My form has been a little up-and-down. Although I felt really close for a long time. It hasn't really been there for me. At times it's pretty nerve-wracking because the rough is pretty horrendous out here and the margin for error is so small.

Q. Because of your age and experience if things stay the way they are now you will be playing with 3 teenagers. Do you have feel you have an advantage?

KAREN STUPPLES: Interesting thing would be how many U.S. Opens those teenagers played in compared to what I have played in. This is only my fourth U.S. Open. I am sure Morgan Pressel may have even played in one more than I have.

Q. It's her third.

KAREN STUPPLES: Third. I am not sure how many Michelle Wie has played in.

Q. Two.

KAREN STUPPLES: One more year's worth of experience I suppose.

End of FastScripts.

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