A Flash Interview With: Michelle Wie (Part 1)

Q. No one has made a birdie on 18 all day.

MICHELLE WIE: I put myself in really good position. I hit it right where I wanted to. I thought the putt was going in, but I guess save it for today.

Q. You have got to be pleased with 69.

MICHELLE WIE: I am. I was shooting for consistent under par round. I had 1-under par round so far. I have a long way to go. Hopefully a lot more birdies, a lot less bogeys.

MICHELLE WIE: I could but that's not the smart play. Just got to play smart today.

Q. Looks like you're reading the putts with (inaudible)

MICHELLE WIE: I am getting better at it. Getting my feel. David worked with me a lot and hopefully I will hole a lot more putts.

Q. Are you having fun?

MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I am having a lot of fun.

Q. What did you take off the tee at 18?


Q. What did you hit in?


Q. Did it help that the greens are maybe a little softer because of the rain yesterday?

MICHELLE WIE: Yes. Definitely on 18 it helped.

Q. Plan on hitting driver all week on 18?

MICHELLE WIE: I don't know. If it dries out it might be too long, so, we'll see.

Q. Is it a benefit having played three or four holes now?

MICHELLE WIE: Definitely. I think so. I mean, it's better this way, I think.

Q. How was it sleeping?

MICHELLE WIE: Sleeping? I woke up at 4:15 this morning (laughs).

So that was a little different.

End of FastScripts.

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