Flash Interview With Eun-Hee Ji
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Q.         What was going through your mind during the putt right there at the end?

            EUN HEE JI:  I told myself that the worst scenario that could happen was to go into playoff, save par and go into playoff, so I was pretty confident, felt at ease and when I hit it, it just went in.

            Q.  It seemed like a lot of the other players faded down the stretch.  You turned up your play.  What was the difference there do you think for yourself, with the course being so tough and playing so tough today?

            EUN HEE JI:  You know, the biggest factor at the biggest moment was at hole No. 10 when I had a double bogey.

            I just calmed myself down after that and decided to play comfortably and was able to play it out.

            Q.  Some people have waited their hole lives to win a U.S. Open.  You do it in your second try.  How do you explain that?

            EUN HEE JI:  Wow.  You know, I like it and I'm really happy, and you know, this being the major tournament, I think this will be one of the most memorable moments in my life.



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