Flash Interview With Lorena Ochoa
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Q.  (Indiscernible.)

            LORENA OCHOA:  I hit a ball in the hazard on hole No. 14, a 3-wood, so that was a double bogey for me.  That was the end of my good round.

            Q.  How were you hitting it before then?

            LORENA OCHOA:  Good, good.  I think overall today was a good day.  I learned a lot of positive things, made good putts for pars and good birdies.  And today, the wind, it was more of a challenge.

            So I think, I mean, it was a good round, you know, but the bad thing was yesterday.

            Q.  On 14, that was the hazard to the left off the tee?

            LORENA OCHOA:  Uh-huh.

            Q.  Talk a little bit more about the wind and how challenging the conditions were today.

            LORENA OCHOA:  Uh-huh.  Well, I think, you know, in the morning it was playing a little bit easier with soft greens.  I guess, you know, as the day goes, it's always going to be a tougher golf course.

            And this is blowing in a direction where it's not necessarily very long but it's just hard to judge from the fairway.  You have to be smart out there and put it in a smart place, not try to get too aggressive.  Just try to make as many pars as you can and you'll be fine, but it's tough.

            It changes.  I think it swirls a lot here with the tall trees, so it's tough to get the right club selection.

            Q.  Did you have any kind of number in mind when you teed off today that maybe could get you back into the championship?

            LORENA OCHOA:  3, 4-under.

            Q.  Was that just a bad swing then at 14?

            LORENA OCHOA:  Probably, yes.  Yes.  I mean, I tried to hit a 3-wood, you know, to be safe.  And I think I just tried to hit it to hard, and I came over the top and just hit it with a draw.  And the wind was going right to left, so it just got a big kick to the left, too, and ended up in the hazard.



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