Flash Interview With Maria Jose Uribe
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Q.  Just your thoughts on your round?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  I don't know.  I just took advantage of the opportunity that I got to play today, and I hit the ball really well.  Some putts didn't go in, but this course is tough.

            The pin placements are not that easy, so I just made some putts, and that was it.

            Q.  What was yesterday like having to wait to see if you were going to make it under the cut or not?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  I know.  I left early because I thought I was not going to make it.  And then I was in the hotel waiting all day, with Amanda's parents, like just waiting, and then Amanda decided to just bogey the last hole, so it was right after the last three pairings.  So it was, I don't know, it wasn't that good, but it was an opportunity I didn't think I was going to get.  So I believe in destiny.

            Q.  Did you celebrate there?  Was it a sigh of relief or was it a combination of both?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Both.  I feel bad for the girls, but they still made the cut.  I was just happy to be able to play.

            Q.  When did you find out you were going to be paired with Amanda?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  When I was waiting, I know the pairings are set by how they finished, so I kind of knew that if I made it, I was going to play with her.  And Amanda's parents were waiting with me, so we were all like we knew who we were going to be paired with.

            Q.  Did you flash back to two years ago?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Kind of, but it was more like cool to play with her.  She's a great player.  We're kind of like the next generation on the Tour, so it was cool to play the first two days with Morgan and Jenny that are also playing from Junior Golf or college, so it was fun to know that I was playing with her.

            Q.  (Indiscernible).

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Yeah.

            Q.  (Indiscernible).

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Yeah.  I think it was something that happened to get exemptions to tournaments, to get experience, that is the past.  I live in the present.  It was a good experience.

            Q.  Flash back to the spring.  How difficult was it a choice for you to leave UCLA and decide to turn pro?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  It was really hard.  I'm really close to my coach and my teammates, so it was kind of like leaving my family, but it was time to go back home to my family.  So I needed that.

            I feel like I was ready.  I decided after the Mastercard Classic in Mexico, I made another cut, so I was like, okay, focus on my golf game and be ready for Q-School.

            Q.  Was there something going on in your family or after five years did you just say it's time to go back?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Yeah.  It was just time to go back, and I also have a foundation back home, so I kind of was working on that, working on my golf game, working on school, it was too much.  So I just decided to go home.

            Q.  What's the name of your foundation?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Fore, F-O-R-E.

            Q.  What does your foundation do?

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  We just build like libraries and things in Colombia.  My fundraiser, they won a ticket to come to the U.S. Open.  One of my friends won a ticket with her mom, and then a couple of my friends are on my golf course, friends that live around here, so it was kind of cool.

            Q.  (Inaudible).

            MARIA JOSE URIBE:  Yeah.  And they were really close friends on the Junior Golf Course.  So it was kind of cool to have friends.  I usually don't have friends in this area.  So I feel like back at home.  Thank you.




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