Flash Interview With Paula Creamer
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Q.         Can you summarize your play today?

            PAULA CREAMER:  I have to look at it as I shot 1 over.  18 holes, I had some good shots.  I had some not-so-smart decisions, but overall I'll take where I'm at.

            I don't feel like I'm far out of it by any means.  There's a couple things I need to fine‑tune from this round.  I need to come out tomorrow and not play the same way.

            Q.  You tried to make a nice rally, two birdies at the end.

            PAULA CREAMER:  Definitely.  I gave myself a bunch of chances those last couple holes, and that's all you can ask for out here.

            It's a tough course, great golf course.  And pars are not going to kill you.  You just have to hang on, and that's all I told myself.  I didn't quite have that.

            Q.  How was the thumb?

            PAULA CREAMER:  No.  The thumb was fine today, no pain.  I'm going to go and ice it right now.  That's the biggest thing, just ice, Advil and rest.

            Q.  Thanks.  Appreciate it.



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