Flash Interview With Teresa Lu
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Q.         Can you just sum up your day for us, the conditions and how you handled them?

            TERESA LU:  Today I didn't start good.  Like at first I had a little scrambling.  But I just feel like it's Open course, so you have to stay patient to it.

            So just keep playing the shot, one shot at a time.  So it's couple birdies coming in and it feels good.  First the birdie putt dropped.  That really made me feel good.

            Q.  How nice does it feel to be done now?  You have a long rest, and tomorrow afternoon you'll be playing.  Good feeling?

            TERESA LU:  Yeah.  Finish early, feels good, especially after birdie.  It feels more better.

            Q.  How many birdies overall?

            TERESA LU:  Three.

            Q.  Can you go through it quickly?

            TERESA LU:  No. 5, from the fringe and then putt in.  No. 9, hit it this close, tap in.  And then No. 18, was like 15-footer.

            Q.  No. 9, did you play, that was your 9th?

            TERESA LU:  Yeah, the short putt.

            Q.  Did you hit it?

            TERESA LU:  Yeah.  Actually I pulled a little bit and I kick it, had a good bounce and then kick it to the right.

            Q.  What club did you hit?

            TERESA LU:  5-iron.  Oh, sorry.  5-wood.

            Q.  Was that a lucky bounce, good bounce?

            TERESA LU:  Definitely, yes.

            Q.  How tough is a tee to get a good look at a birdie, how difficult is it to set yourself up for a good luck at a birdie?

            TERESA LU:  It's really hard, like a second shot is pretty far away from hole, so you couldn't really force to get a birdie, just try to knock on the green and then see what happens.  That's how tough it is.

            Q.  What was your mindset coming into this?  Did you have a number in your head that you wanted to get to to put you in good position?

            TERESA LU:  Yeah.  I was a little worried about after yesterday because I shoot 5‑over, and then I just feel like today I need to be more patient, because everybody is going to shoot high number, so if you can stay like even par with something or better, you will be in good shape.  And when I look at the scoreboard, the numbers pretty high this morning, so I'm like, okay, just keep doing the good things, right things.

            Q.  Thank you.

            TERESA LU:  Thank you.



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