Flash Interview With Kristy McPherson
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KRISTY McPHERSON:  I had a couple really good 2-putts, made a really good putt on 15.  Big break in putts, I felt like I hit well today.  I got out of trouble when it easily could have gone another way.

            Q.  What do you think about hole No. 3?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  No. 3?  I like No. 3.  I have no problem with No. 3.  I want to tell you, though, I did count 64 balls in the water while I was sitting for my girls to play, though.

            Luckily I was not one of those.  Hit the fairway, hit the green.  2-putt.  Get on about your business.  If you make a birdie that's great; otherwise you just move on.

            Q.  How about hole No. 2?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  No. 2.  Hey, why you have to bring up the bad stuff, man?  2?  2 is a tough hole.  With that pin placement today, unfortunately it was one of the fairways I missed in the left rough.

            I didn't have much of a chance.  Knew I was going to have it get it up-and-down to get a par.  With that pin placement, that green, it's a long hole.  That green is not easy.  A par is a great score there.

            Q.  Do you feel any difference in the course?  Is it firming up some from practice rounds?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  It definitely is.  It's a lot different than it was on even yesterday, but definitely different from Monday.  Greens were a lot more receptive earlier in the week.

            Firming up a little bit, just gettin, well, fortunately you get a little shorter clubs in your hand because you get a little more roll in the fairway, but yeah, you have to pay attention in the greens with them getting firm like this.

            Q.  Your putts, how big was your putt on No. 1, par-5?  You had a chance to make a bogey, you made about a seven-footer, got the momentum going a little bit, right?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  Yeah, that's always, always kind of joke and say my favorite way to start a round is make about an eight-footer for par, and unfortunately I put myself into that position today.

            But, yeah, so I had, I usually like making a good putt like that for par.  It's usually some of my good rounds to keep me right in there.  But definitely key.  Don't want to start off with a 3-putt, especially with a hole I have a wedge in my hand when you don't get wedges in your hand very often out here.

            Q.  Even par, that's a great score today.  Do you feel really good about your chances now for the rest of the weekend?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  Sure.  I mean, there's 54 holes of golf left on this golf course.  You take a lot of pars out here.

            I made I think two birdies, two bogeys today.  Just keep it consistent out here.  That's the thing.  You have to try to stay out of your own way as best as possible.  Most of the holes out here, you'll just take par and go.  If you get a good birdie opportunity, then try to take advantage of it.  Pars are great scores.

            Q.  Would you take par right now for the entire tournament?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  I thinkthere's going to be very few people under par.  I mean, after being out there today and seeing how tough it can be and seeing some of these pin placements, That putt I had on 18, that's the hardest putt I had all day.

            Typical USGA pin placement that you can have six-, eight-footer break in it, and with these pin placements, there's no telling what's going to happen rest of the week, but par would be a great score.

            Q.  Can you talk about your season a little bit?  Looking at your chart, it's a little bit up and down so far this year.  Obviously this would be, this could be a great turning point for you.

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  Yeah, it's been a pretty good season so far.  I've had two good Majors so far.  I tied for second and tied for fifth.  Finished tied for second a couple weeks ago.

            There have been a couple good golf courses that haven't really fit my eye.  I like the courses that are more challenging.  I'm not really good at a golf course people are going to shoot 20 under.

            I tend to make a lot of pars.  That's why I think I played better in the tougher tournaments this year, but yeah, it's been a good year so far.  I'm not exactly where I want to be with my game right now, but hopefully by Sunday I will be.

            Q.  How exciting would it be for you to hang in here and come into Sunday with a great shot at it?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  Oh, I mean that'ssomething every girl dreams of.  So, I mean, even par on the first day, no one is going to complain about that.  You're right there in it, and that's all you can do is play one day at a time, and hopefully I'm right there in it at the end of every day.

            Q.  How are people treating you out there?  You have some fans out there?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  It's awesome.  I don't really know why, I had a bunch of people out there following me and screaming my name.  A lot of Myrtle Beach people following me, and a lot of my peers.  It's fun.  It's fun when you're out there.  I made a great putt on 15.  People let out a good roar there.  It's a great crowd out there.  It's fun to play.

            Q.  Is that where you grew up?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  Just outside Myrtle Beach.  Conway, South Carolina, just outside Myrtle Beach.  Plenty of golf.

            Q.  Great place for people to go, too?

            KRISTY McPHERSON:  Absolutely.



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