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RHONDA GLENN:  Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to have with us Jean Reynolds, who is 5 feet, 2 1/2 inches, weighs 112 pounds and her tee shots were 239 yards today.  That's pretty impressive.  She shot 2-under par 69.  Jean, let's go over your card first, and you can tell me about any outstanding saves that you had as well as your birdies and bogeys, but you birdied the first hole.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yes, ma'am.  Started out with a birdie and that kind of got my rhythm going.

            RHONDA GLENN:  What club did you hit to the green and how long was your putt?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I had probably 95 yards for my third shot to about a foot, and I made that.

            RHONDA GLENN:  What did you use, pitching wedge?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Gap wedge.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Gap wedge.  Then we had a bogey on No. 7.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Bogey on 7 was, let me think about 8.  Drove it in the fairway bunker on the right and had to punch out and had 115 into the green, and missed the putt there.  It was downhill.

            RHONDA GLENN:  About how long was the putt?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  8, 10 feet.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Then a birdie on No. 8.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Birdie on 8, I had a drive 8-iron to about 2, 3 feet, made that.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Birdie on No. 12.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Birdie on 12 I holed out from the green-side bunker on the left.

            RHONDA GLENN:  On 14 a birdie.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  14, driver, 7-iron to about 6, 8 feet, just pin high, made that.  And then

            RHONDA GLENN:  Bogey on 15.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Bogey on 15.  Drove it in the fairway bunkers on the left, and had to punch out.  I was up against the lip, and had about 20 feet for par and 2-putted.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Now that we have that out of the way, overall how do you feel about your performance today?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Good.  Today was a very solid round.  Hit the ball very good, and lag putting was very good.  So I'm pleased.  It was just an overall good round.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Jean is the leading money winner on the FUTURES Tour.  She's won two tournaments on that Tour thus far.  Do we have any questions?

            Q.  The holeout from the bunker on 12, talk about that shot a little bit?  How far was it from the ball going on the fly, trickle in?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Maybe about 15 yards, I had driven it in the right rough on my drive, and hit a 4‑iron down to 150, kind of pulled my third shot a little bit into the bunker, and then I was a little on the upslope and landed it in the area that I was looking and it just kind of trickled in.

            Q.  What's life like on the Futures tour?  Describe that.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I have been on the Duramed FUTURES Tour for this is my second year.  For me, it's been just an experience.  It teaches you how to travel.  You've got competition, there's a lot of talent out there, and so when you come into a week like this, I mean, I feel pretty prepared.  But I mean, I've enjoyed it.  It's been definitely a good experience for me.

            Q.  Did you know that on the 18th green that you were putting to take sole possession of the lead for the U.S. Women's Open?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I snuck a peek at the board.  I had a good putt there, and I was just outside my line a little bit, and lipped out and made par, but still a good opportunity.  I had a lot of good birdie chances on the back, so it was a good 9.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Were you aware, though, that you would be leading if you had made that putt?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yes.

            RHONDA GLENN:  How did you feel about it?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I was pretty nervous.  It was a good feeling, but then again, coming in under the radar and leading the U.S. Open after the first round is pretty awesome, so...

            Q.  How do you think the talent level in the FUTURES Tour, when you come to an event like this, a Major, is it a way to gauge, you know, how good you are and how good, you know, the players you play against week to week are?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yeah.  I mean, there are 27; right, Lisa?  27 Duramed players out here.  And, I mean, week in and week out, you see the same faces and everyone is playing good, and everyone is competitive, and so coming into this week it's pretty much the same thing.  It's just someone is making more putts, so...  But it's definitely built my game up playing with everybody.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Have you ever played a course like this or similar to a Saucon Valley?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I mean, last year was my first Open at Interlocken, and I mean, some of the U.S. Girls Juniors I can compare, but nothing, nothing really like this.  This is an outstanding golf course, and everyone here is very supportive and just, I mean, it's just been an overall very fun week so far.

            Q.  Do I understand correctly that you did not play golf at the University of Georgia?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  No, sir, I did not.  I was recruited there, and redshirted my freshman year and did not, never traveled and played college golf.

            Q.  That's rather an unusual way to get to where you are.  I wondered what your thought process was on doing that.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Well, at the time, I didn't have a, I was just, I enjoyed college, and I joined a sorority, and I studied abroad and I had a lot of other things going on besides golf at that time in my life, and I just enjoyed the five years I had at Georgia, and here I am now.  So, I mean, there are different ways to get here.  You've just got to have the patience and the attitude to get here, I guess.

            Q.  Do you think it hurt you?  I doubt that it hurt you where you're sitting today, but was it just a different route to get to where you are thanwhat's standard?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yes, sir.  I looked at it as kind of five years of that much golf intensity for me, I think I would have burned out very easily, especially at that time, because I wasn't 100% in it.

            And so towards junior year, senior year, I started competing and playing in a couple of tournaments, and did really well there, and when I went to FUTURES Q-School and did well there, and so here I am now.

            Q.  What year was it and where were you when you and Inbee Park played and was it a U.S. Girls Junior?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  It was '02 at Echo Lake in Westfield, New Jersey, I believe, and we were in the quarterfinals together.  Ended up going 22 holes.  Fun match.  A lot of fun.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Did you ever feel like if she can win this, I can win this, too?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I did.  I mean, I played against her before.  I know it was before college years, I guess, but yeah, I mean, I played against her and just figured why not?  If I put the time in, I can probably be here, too.

            RHONDA GLENN:   Where did you study abroad?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I was in Innsbruck, Austria.  Yes, ma'am.  Six weeks.

            Q.  What did you miss when you, you know, when you were, or did you miss it, and what did you really enjoy once you took up the game seriously again, you know, after college?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  What did I miss?

            Q.  Yeah.  And you say, wow, this is fun again.  What, you know, drew you back into it?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I just missed competition.  I mean, I just love playing tournament golf.  I have fun doing it, and I enjoy being in the hunt, and I enjoy having the chance to win, and so that was definitely what brought me back to it.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Did you compete at any other sports?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  No, ma'am.  Never competitively.  I mean, I played in tennis when I was younger, but nothing competitive.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Congratulations.  Thanks so much.  We wish you good luck tomorrow.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Thank you.



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