Media Center Interview With Jean Reynolds
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RHONDA GLENN:  We'll go over your card first and then get to everyone's questions.  Okay.  Round 2 you started on hole No. 10.  You bogeyed No. 12.  How did that happen?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Let's see.  I drove it in the right rough of the fairway, and hit a bad layup shot with a 7-wood, which was kind of a dumb play, and then had a not-so-good lie.  Hit an 8-iron out of there and didn't get up-and-down for par.

            RHONDA GLENN:  But then you birdied No. 16.  Normally a very tough hole.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yeah, that was a tough pin placement today.  I had a really good drive there and only had like 145 in and with the uphill and everything.  I hit a 6-iron to about six feet and made the putt for birdie there.

            And then birdied 1, made a good putt there, maybe 15, 18 feet up the hill.

            RHONDA GLENN:  What did you hit to the green there, Jean?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Sand wedge.  I had I think I had 45 yards in.

            RHONDA GLENN:  45?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yeah.  Bogeyed 2.  That hole, that's just a tough hole.  Hit my drive, I was in the rough, and came up short again and didn't get up-and-down.  That was a tough pin.  I short-sided myself.  No. 5, I birdied.

            RHONDA GLENN:  No. 4?  You bogeyed.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Oh, hit it in the bunker on 4, and chipped out to maybe six feet, missed the putt there.

            Birdied 5.  Hit driver, 7-iron to about two feet.  Made the putt there and then bogeyed 8.  I hit my drive in the fairway bunker, and it caught a tree coming out and didn't get up-and-down from 40 yards, maybe.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Overall, how do you like your position and the way that you played today?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I'm loving my position, and then I'm real pleased with the way I played.  It's just been two really solid rounds of golf, and I'm putting the ball really good.  Driving the ball good.  So I'm pleased with where I stand.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Questions?

            Q.  There's only three of you under par after two rounds.  What does that tell us about the golf course?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  It's playing pretty difficult.  I've managed to just leave myself in good positions to where I'm not making big numbers.  I've made my share of bogeys, but I've been fortunate to make a lot of birdies this week, too.  It's been pretty helpful.  A lot of tap-in birdies, which is, makes things easier.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Did you have any tap-ins today for birdie?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I did.  I guess it was the one on 5.

            Q.  Was this the biggest round of golf you've ever played in your life before?  I know you've won on the FUTURES Tour, but...

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Absolutely.  Like I said earlier, I was pretty nervous from the get-go, but then my caddie, Paulie, who has been kind of my rock this week, just on No. 4 just told me to settle down and "chill out" and let's play golf.

            So after that, I just kind of, I just kind of went into focus mode and just kind of blocked out everything that was around me, so that definitely got me going again.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Would you please spell your caddie's name first and last.


            Q.  Does he do that to you a lot?  Is he forced to do that to you a lot or compelled to do that, to tell you to relax?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I mean, he can kind of see me getting wound up, and a little bit frustrated, and he's really good at what he does, so he's good at just kind of pulling me aside and saying, look, it's the fourth hole.  We've got a lot of golf to play, you know, just calm down and go out there and have fun.  You've got no expectations really.  You're just playing good golf, and just enjoy yourself.  So it's been a tremendous help for me this week.

            Q.  My name is Paul from the Australian Ladies Professional Golf.  Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and possibly if we were to invite you out to our summer this year, would you come?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Absolutely.  But as far as I'm from Newnan, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, been playing golf since I was, old story, 6 years old, started playing when I was 10, went to the University of Georgia, chose not to play college golf there because I just wanted to live a normal college life and had a ton of awesome friends up there, who I have now.  I mean, I treasure our friendships.

            I qualified for the FUTURES Tour in '07.  I finished fifth there and started playing full-time.

            Then this year, you know, I've kind of broken out of my shell.  I won twice, and I've just, it's just been a huge confidence booster for me to come into this week after winning twice out there, with a field as talented as the Duramed Tour is.

            Q.  Now that you're halfway through, do you feel more nervous than two days ago or do you feel less nervous or feel more comfortable?  How's it changed?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I mean, I'm sure there are going to be huge nerves tomorrow morning or whenever we tee off, but that's for me, it's just an exciting nervousness, and once I kind of calm down, it takes me a couple of holes.  If I can kind of keep it together on those first couple holes, then I feel like it'll be a good day.

            So that's why I've got my caddie Paulie, and he's there to kind of keep my focused and keep my relaxed, so we'll just see what tomorrow brings.

            RHONDA GLENN:  How did you and your caddie find each other?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Well he actually caddies for a friend of my, Samantha Richdale, on the Duramed Tour, and he caddied for me when I won in a playoff in Winterhaven, and we've just been friends ever since.  It worked out.  I needed someone I trusted and someone I was comfortable with.

            And he was available, so I just kind of took the opportunity and here we are, so...

            RHONDA GLENN:  So this is the second time he's caddied for you; is that right?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Yes, ma'am.

            Q.  If you compare where you were last year this time to where you are now, I know you played in the Open last year and you weren't, you know, super happy with the way you played, but, you know, obviously it's kind of like a whole different ballgame this year, can you sort of compare and contrast yourself and your game to now and then?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I mean, last year playing in the Open for me was just a huge eye-opening experience.  I never played with LPGA Tour players before.  I just played on the Duramed Tour.

            So this year, I mean, like I said, I came in with the confidence, with a win or a couple wins, so it was just I didn't want to come in here, you know, saying, hey, I really want to make the cut.  I kind of came in saying, hey, I'd really like to be in contention come Sunday.  I've been able to put myself in that position, so it's been a good feeling.

            Q.  Tomorrow you're going to tee off in front of Cristie Kerr and Paula Creamer out there.  Have you allowed yourself or will you allow yourself to think about playing ahead of that kind of group?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Well, I mean, of course.  They're the best players in the world, and I have tremendous respect for them.

            I mean, they've done so much for the game, and it will just be exciting.  I mean, the whole atmosphere out here is awesome; the fans are awesome, and so it will just be a fun day.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Do you have any family here with you?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I do.  I've got a lot of family here.  A friend of mine from home, Dan Hensley is here, hiding out in the doorway.  Brother Garnet is here.  I'm hoping he'll change his mind and stay tomorrow.  We'll see.

            My dad is here.  He's sitting over there.  My good friend Alisa Powell is here, who we like to call Butters.  I can explain that later if we need to.  And then my mom is here, and then I've got grandparents and aunts and uncles here, as well.

            RHONDA GLENN:  How many people altogether would you say have been following you?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  It's been.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Family and friends.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  It's been 10 or maybe yeah, 25.  I mean, yeah, just it's a lot of us here.  Friends of Paulie's are here and then friends of mine.  Just people I've met from Duramed Tour and, you know, they've been nice enough to come out.  It's just been a fun week.

            Q.  Is this your, you haven't played any LPGA events before this?  Is this your first, as such?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Right, yeah.  Last year's Open was, I guess, my first, like, high-level professional golf tournament.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Of course, this is not an LPGA event.  It's a USGA event, right.

            Q.  Just a clarification of something I heard.  Is it true you only missed two Georgia football games in five years or four years?

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Five years.  You know, I may not have stayed all four quarters.  I think that's what they play.  But I definitely went to most of them, and but my friends and I, we had a really good time in college, and I don't regret the decision I made to not play college golf at all.

            Q.  Can you do "Hunker Down, Hairy Dogs" or

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  Absolutely not.  I don't see that happening.

            Q.  Maybe the fans will cheer, start barking.

            JEAN REYNOLDS:  I heard some dog barks out there this week.  Yeah.  It's been nice.  Hometown crowd.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Wonderful playing, and good luck tomorrow.



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