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GIULIA SERGAS:  How can I be disappointed?  I left it short.  It just didn't go in.  Nothing special.

            Q.  What was the reason for the 5 under par at one point in the round?  What were you doing well?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  The reason is I don't know.  Probably because I play golf for I've been playing golf for 21 years, and I know I can do it.

            Q.  Confidence level was high today?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Yeah, I yeah, it was.  It was great.

            Q.  Did you hit it close to the hole?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Not as close as yesterday.  Yesterday I hit it closer, three times.  Maybe a foot three times.  Today I just one-putted.  My putts were going in.

            Q.  You made some substantial-length putts, didn't you?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Yeah, I did.

            Q.  Average length of those or the lengths of those two or three that were the big ones?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Oh, okay.  Probably 10 feet?  12?  13 feet?  More.  I'm always messing up with feet, because we use meters.  Probably seven meters.  Something like that.

            Q.  How were the conditions on the course today compared to...

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Great.  The course is great.  I love it.  It's wonderful.

            Q.  Are there differences between yesterday and today?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Yeah, they moved the tee box on 18.  They moved it farther up.

            Then that's pretty much it.

            Q.  How about firmness?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  No, like yesterday.  Yeah.  Great condition.

            Q.  11, the par 3, seemed like a lot of people

            GIULIA SERGAS:  11, yes.  11, crazy.  Crazy.

            Q.  Where was your putt from to make birdie there?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  It was perfect.  It was straight uphill.  It was a perfect shot.  I just hit it just past the hole, and it rolled back, and...

            Q.  Do you know what you hit?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  5.

            Q.  Did you feel this round coming today?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  No.  No, I didn't.

            Q.  What were you thinking when you got to the course?  What was your mindset?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Nothing.  I really, I was yeah, I wasn't thinking as much as I used to.

            Q.  Cleared your head somehow, right?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Yes.  It was definitely one of those moments that the athlete experiences, called the zone.  So I experienced it today.  It was a great experience.

            Q.  When was the last time you had that?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  That's a good question.  That's a really good question.

            It's never the same, you know.  Well, last U.S. Open, last round.  You know, few holes here and there, but the whole round today was pretty much the whole round.  The whole round, I actually never did.  Today was the first time, the whole round.

            Q.  Did you pick up a following as you were going along in the gallery?  Did more people follow you, do you think?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  No, I don't think so.  It was later in the day.

            Q.  Do you enjoy difficult courses?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Oh, yes.  A lot.

            Q.  Wish more were like this?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Yes, I wish every one was like this.

            Q.  Is there a certain aspect of the course you like more than others?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  It's just that every hole has something.  You know, every hole has, you have to pay attention.  You have to, I walked the course, and I never do that.

            I walked the course like a caddie do.  It really helped me a lot, because then my practice round, I knew exactly where I wanted to hit it.  I didn't have somebody telling me where.

            And that helped, because in difficult golf courses, that's what you do.  And in easy golf courses, it's straight, straight, straight.  But this one, you have to study it.

            Q.  What day was that you walked the course?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  It was Monday.  It was Monday.

            Q.  No clubs?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  No, just with my caddie.  We walked it together.  It was a good idea.

            Q.  What's your mindset now going into the weekend, knowing that basically you're in contention of the Women's Open?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  I think I'm going to enjoy every moment, but not just on the golf course, you know.  Not many people have a chance to play U.S. Open, so I stay in a beautiful house, and it's pretty.

            Everything is great.  I just I'm going to play I hope I'm going to do the same tomorrow.

            Q.  Keeping that zone?  Is it something, you just get here tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon...

            GIULIA SERGAS:  I think I just have to be myself, really, and see what happens, you know.

            Q.  You're not putting a lot of pressure on yourself?

            GIULIA SERGAS:  Pressure?  We live with pressure, you know.  Like 360 days a year, we have pressure, so pressure is something that you experience at a level, you deal with it every day, so it's okay.



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