Corporate Hospitality:

  • Assist the admissions operation for hospitality locations, provide information to clients, and assist them with business functions as needed in their hospitality villages and areas.

Internal Shuttle:

  • Transport individuals across the golf course via six-passenger carts. Internal shuttle carts will be available to fans and volunteers. 
  • Internal Shuttle carts will run a continuous route and will have designated pickup/ drop off locations. 
  • Staff and manage the ADA viewing areas located at various locations around the course. 
  • Assist with the distribution of available scooters on a first come, first served basis.

Fan Services:

  • Fan Service volunteers will act as a hospitality arm by serving in a concierge roll to enhance the fan experience. 
  • Scan all tickets and credentials prior to allowing visitors to enter the championship grounds.

Hole and Grandstand Marshals:

  • It is up to the marshal to ensure that players are afforded a quiet and uninterrupted opportunity to compete and move freely around the golf course. 
  • Signal the gallery to be quiet as players address the ball. 
  • Follow the path of each player’s ball and help spot stray balls to maintain proper pace of play. 
  • Management of fan grandstands. 
  • Provide marshal escorts as needed.

Standard Bearers:

  • Assist with preparing scoring standards for the Championship. 
  • Committee members will walk all 18 holes with each group to carry a scoring standard.


  • Assist USGA staff throughout the merchandise tent in all aspects such as greeting fans, assisting as a cash register ringer, or helping registers by bagging merchandise. 
  • Assist with customer flow throughout the tent, directing, answering questions, etc. 
  • Volunteers will staff the “merchandise/bag check” to check and hold merchandise for fans until they depart.

On-Course Distribution:

  • Deliver via golf carts printed materials, drinking water and other supplies to various facilities. 
  • May be required to lift heavy objects (up to 50 pounds). 
  • Committee activities will be primarily located outside.

Practice Areas:

  • Assist with the management of the practice range, short game area and putting green. 
  • Manage ball distribution tent and sort golf balls appropriately to distribute to players. 
  • Organize and distribute name placards on teeing area.


  • Assist the USGA’s scoring vendor through the use of computer-operated laser-measuring devices to determine ball position information to record various aspects of player statistics, including but not limited to club selection, drive distance and distance to hole.

Volunteer Headquarters

  • Assist with managing the operations of volunteer headquarters facilities. 
  • Assist in distributing food vouchers to volunteers. 
  • Assist with disseminating information to volunteers.

Walking Scorers

  • Walk 18 holes with your assigned group, keeping the player’s scores and statistics for each hole. 
  • Ensure that the standard bearer displays each player’s correct scoring information.

Junior Activation

  • Facilitate child use of activation activities such as putting, chipping, skee ball, arts and crafts, and exercise station.
  • Hand out giveaways and prizes to participating youth.