Entries are open to professional and amateur golfers who were females at birth. Amateurs must have up-to-date USGA Handicap Indexes not exceeding 4.4 under the USGA Handicap System. Note: The limit is a USGA Handicap of 4 if the club follows the USGA Handicap System but does not have a Slope Rating.

Amateur Status: All amateur players must conform with the USGA Rules of Amateur Status as specified in the USGA Rules of Golf.

International Players: All amateur international players must also conform to Rule 4-1 of the USGA Rules of Amateur Status. These players may not accept expenses from outside sources unless specifically permitted by the USGA Rules of Amateur Status. For more information, see Rule 4-1 of the USGA Rules of Amateur Status.


Competition will be in three stages, at stroke play:

1. Local Qualifying—18 holes. For all except exempt players listed herein. Schedule inside.

2. Sectional Qualifying—36 holes. After Local Qualifying, 425 entrants will be eligible for Sectional Qualifying Rounds, except those exempt under class L-21 shall be added.

3. Championship—72 holes. 150 players eligible, comprising place-winners in Sectional Qualifying Rounds and those exempt from both qualifying stages.

Thursday, July 4 - First round, 18 holes.
Friday, July 5 - Second round, 18 holes.

60 lowest scorers and any tying for 60th place or anyone within 10 strokes of the leader for first 36 holes continue play July 6 and 7; remainder eliminated after 36 holes.

Saturday, July 6 - Third round, 18 holes.
Sunday, July 7 - Fourth round, 18 holes.

Lowest scorer for 72 holes will be champion. Any tie will be played off at 18 holes Monday, July 8; if play-off results in tie, play will immediately continue hole by hole until champion is determined.



Winner: Gold medal and custody of the Bud Semple Trophy for the ensuing year, subject to such conditions as USGA may establish.

Runner-Up: Silver medal.

Professionals Only: Not less than $2.9 million.

Professionals who start in Championship but do not return scores for 72 holes: $500 each

Amateurs returning 72-hole scores: Lowest scorer–gold pin; second lowest scorer–silver pin; others–bronze pin.

Ties: Prize money will be divided equally among those tied, except that if a professional wins a play-off for the Championship she will receive first prize money. If ties occur for medals, duplicates will be awarded, except that only the winner shall receive a Championship gold medal.

No other remuneration: By her application, the player acknowledges she is not entitled to remuneration of any kind for participation in the Championship other than prizes above.

Prize-Sharing Prohibited: By her application, the player certifies that she has not entered into and will not enter into any arrangement whereby she could have a financial interest in any other player’s prize money (such as through prize-splitting or prize money "insurance").


Lowest Scorer: Silver medal; if a tie, duplicate medals awarded.


Lowest Scorer: Silver medal; if a tie, duplicate medals awarded.

Lowest Amateur Scorer (if not lowest scorer): Silver medal; if a tie, duplicate medals awarded.

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