A Flash Interview With: Birdie Kim

Q. Are you having fun?

BIRDIE KIM: Very fun, very exciting. Everything going good.

Q. Great round today, 69?


Q. What would you consider an important tournament? What is your most important tournament?

BIRDIE KIM: This week or --

Q. Any big tournament.

BIRDIE KIM: I had 8-under four years ago in Future Tour.

Q. You are without a win so far on the LPGA Tour; is that correct?

BIRDIE KIM: Not yet.

Q. What was the strength of your game today?

BIRDIE KIM: Just great hit it driver, the tee shot, and then at the green. I just tried to right the fairway and right the green, try to two-putt, if I make close, I try to make.

Q. You played for the middle of the green?

BIRDIE KIM: Yes, all day today.

Q. Instead of taking too many chances?


Q. Tell us about how you made your decisions.

BIRDIE KIM: I don't understand.

Q. Every decision you made to go for the middle of the green?

BIRDIE KIM: Yes, I just try to the middle of the green and middle of the fairway, sometimes I missed, still in the green. I made a putt.

Q. You must like your position at this point?

BIRDIE KIM: Yeah, I just like it now.

Q. Were you looking at the leaderboard and noticed your name and had a conversation with maybe your caddie and said, oh, look?

BIRDIE KIM: Yeah, just excite. Continue and just happy with my name is on the board, yeah. (Laughs).

Q. Obviously we don't get a chance to see you very often, your name is very, very good for playing good golf.

BIRDIE KIM: Yeah, it is.

Q. How did you get your name?

BIRDIE KIM: LPGA Tour has a last name is Kim, so everybody confused who is Kim and they really confuse the first time, so I want to make it simple and easy and good memory name.

That's why Birdie.

End of FastScripts.

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