A Flash Interview With: Lorena Ochoa

Q. Fine round today, 68. Back nine sure was up-and-down, wasn't it?


Q. Talk about that.

LORENA OCHOA: I am extremely happy with my round today. It was tough out there, and very good front nine very steady and make just one birdie.

On the back nine I start with two birdies, 10 and 11, then after that got a little bit crazy, just you know, too excited, after the delay. I was a little out of rhythm coming back but I managed myself to finish still under par on the back nine. I mean, five birdies and three bogeys on the back nine. One par. (Laughs). I think it's all about being patient out there.

In The Open you want to -- you don't want to make mistakes. You don't want to make bogeys, that's for sure. Making a round for you positive and I am very pleased with my round.

Q. Like your position?

LORENA OCHOA: I do. I do very much. I think I am very happy with that. I think just being couple of shots behind is in great shape especially because it's only one player and the other good players are trying to be in that position, so right now I think it's good not to be in the lead. I think it's too much pressure to be in the lead especially after two rounds, so I am really happy with where I am right now.

Q. Obviously you are trying to manage your own game but did you notice that Annika got frustrated a little bit? Did you sense that?

LORENA OCHOA: Yes. She's a great player, I think she's going to be fine. She struggled, especially on the back nine. I think it's all about hitting fairways. I didn't hit as many fairways yesterday. Today I did and today -- today she didn't hit as many fairways. It's a championship and when you are out there, if you don't hit fairways it's too hard.

Q. Did you know there were birdies out there on the back nine or did you kind of bump into them by accident?

LORENA OCHOA: I make two long putts. I think I have luck out there. You have to have a little bit of everything. So they were in good time when I make those two long putts for birdie, just keep it going and really happy and positive about it. So I am thankful for that. Good break.

Q. Do you watch the leaderboard and at what point did you notice that you were just --

LORENA OCHOA: I knew I was in a good position since the front nine. After my front nine I was 1-under and I just told myself just try to be -- No.1 hit fairways, hit as many fairways as you can give yourself good position to make birdies and everything turned out good.

End of FastScripts.

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