An Interview With: Lorena Ochoa

RHONDA GLENN: Lorena, let's go over your card, which will probably take sometime on the back nine.

LORENA OCHOA: I make birdie on No. 7. I can't remember what I did. I don't remember No. 7. I was 120 yards. I hit my 9-iron about eight feet just past the hole, I made it.

Make birdie on No. 10. I hit my sand wedge about 70 yards, putt it really close, couple of feet. I made it.

Make birdie on No. 11, I tried to hit it in two with a rescue, came a little bit short couple yards short of the green. I chipped about four feet, I made it.

Make bogey on No. 12. I hit my 6-iron for 175 yards. I hit little bit chunky, just a little behind short of the green. It was really bad lie. I tried to put the ball on the green. Came a little bit short. Actually I was outside of the green, made two putt from 15 feet.

Make birdie on No. 13, I hit my sand wedge for 95 yards. Just one foot from the hole.

Make bogey on 14. Driver in the rough, just punch out and then I had 115 yards, I still hit it short of the green in the rough. I make really good chip one feet, I make bogey.

No. 15, I hit my 6-iron, 175 yards. It was a long putt. I made a birdie maybe -- I am very bad in feet. From here to the end of the tent.

RHONDA GLENN: 35 feet.

LORENA OCHOA: 35 feet.

Then on the 16, I hit 8-iron pin-high way right, probably get another 35 feet. I made it.

I made bogey on 18. Hit my rescue 210 yards to the hole, I just leave it on the right said in the bunker, make a really good out from there. Maybe three feet from the hole. I missed the putt. Bogey.

RHONDA GLENN: How much did your victory, finally winning a tournament, do for your confidence this week?

LORENA OCHOA: Very much. I think -- I mean, I was three times second place, so trying to get that win, trying to get that win. I enjoy a lot but I think the key part for me was before McDonald's, I went home for couple of weeks, relaxed, spent time with my family and I have too much pressure under me before that with tournaments in Mexico and all that. I just kind of spent time for me and really came back really focused just more relaxed, trying to have a simple head, not thinking too much, too much pressure. And I had a great tournament at McDonald's last week, the win. I feel I am enjoying the game a lot more. It was tough for me at the beginning of the season.

Q. Going the way it was going, up-and-down on the back nine, how do you keep on even keel when you are riding that pogo stick up-and-down?

LORENA OCHOA: I just try to be good attitude, not to get mad; not to get too excited. When you are at the Open and on the back nine, you have to make bogeys, it's going to happen. I was still under par during the day and I been under par in the second round. It was a great score.

I keep telling myself, you are fine, good shape, just keep going. I really have an attitude, positive out there.

Q. You are playing with two pretty good players these first two days and you won your group. Does that give you any satisfaction and can you work off of that for the weekend?

LORENA OCHOA: I feel very good the way I finished. I enjoyed very much my round with Annika and Rosie. They are very good players. I respect them very much. It was special two days for me. We're just in the middle of the tournament doesn't mean anything. But I love where I am.

Q. I don't know where you stand statistically but I would think you are among the leaders in birdies over the first two days. Are you being more aggressive than the players in the field or is it just coincidence that you put together so many birdies over the first two days?

LORENA OCHOA: I am hitting my clubs really good. In fact, yesterday I think I just hit five fairways yesterday, but I always feel just confident and good. I wasn't too stressed. I wasn't too angry because I know I am hitting my clubs really good. And I did today, the whole difference was putting the ball in the fairway, putting the ball in play.

I keep hitting my irons good. I hope that continues for a couple more days and I think -- I hit really maybe three really short birdies, so I am hitting it close to the pin.

Q. Before your long birdie putt on 16 there was a rules question, what was that about?

LORENA OCHOA: Oh, yes, my ball just won't stay -- I kept putting my ball and it rolled down, rolled down. I have to come a little bit left and behind closer to the hole, and find a place where the ball would stay in place.

Q. When you were an amateur your family was very often present with a number of family and friends from Mexico, how about this week?

LORENA OCHOA: You mean, who is here this week?

Q. Yes. Is your family here this week?

LORENA OCHOA: Yes, I have my parents are here. My older brother, I have good friends from Mexico, and also my sponsors came to watch me play. So it's been fun. They enjoy a lot.

It's hard to watch me when you play with Annika, yesterday they told me, "It was so hard to follow you and enjoy the game because too many people." But they are here. I really feel their support and it's great to hear some voices in Spanish.

Q. With all the birdies you made on the back nine, five of those birdies, were any of them more important than that bogey you saved on 14? Was that the key hole of the back nine saving that bogey?

LORENA OCHOA: I think so. Yes, because I missed my driver and then when you are in a course like this when you miss two shots, it's a lot of trouble. Actually I got lucky I had pretty good lie to hit that little chip, so I was thankful for that and I really, I guess, took advantage of the opportunity to just leave that hole with a bogey. I was happy with that bogey.

RHONDA GLENN: Thank you very much. Wonderful round. Good luck tomorrow.

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