A Flash Interview With: Morgan Pressel

Q. Morgan, good steady round. I noticed however you hit only eight fairways today and yet you hit more greens than you have all week?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, today I hit a lot of 3-woods off the tee to put me in position, and today my 3-wood let me down a little bit, didn't hit it all that well, got a little unlucky on few holes because the fairways were -- they were running through the fairways because they were firm.

Q. How does it feel?

MORGAN PRESSEL: It's so exciting. Come here to win, now that I am in a great position going into tomorrow. It's a great feeling.

Q. Do you know who Catherine LaCoste is?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I know she's the only amateur to win this event, but if I win, then I win. It's not like I am not going to get the money obviously, but as far as records go, not really. I am here to win, if that means that I break a record, that's great.

Q. Would winning this tournament now change your mind at all about college?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Coming up with the tough questions today (laughs).

Maybe. I mean, this is the biggest tournament in women's golf. We got another day to play.

Q. How have you kept your composure having started off so well in the first round and then, you know, the disappointment have come back, but really coming back the next two days and staying in here?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I never really got in a run like I did on the first day but then I never really got down on myself the first day on the back nine, especially. And I just tried to stay patient through bogeys and tried to keep the momentum going when I got a birdie and the key is putting. It's all going to come down to putting. Whoever can stay out of the rough and whoever can make the most putts.

Q. How have you stayed on even keel the last couple of days?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't know, my caddie helped me a lot just trying to calm me down. There's sometimes when I just like to get really angry and -- but I just try and be like, okay, it's a bogey. People are making bogeys, so got to accept it.

Q. You have been here before, but could being young and naive and not having any money at stake be an advantage for you for tomorrow?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't know whether it would be an advantage or disadvantage because I don't know what it would be like to play for money. I am out here to win the title. Missing a putt on the last hole to finish second or third, you know, it's a place, but it's not a dollar value, if that's what you are asking. I am here to win, second or third doesn't matter.

Q. How many of those par saves did you --

MORGAN PRESSEL: Too many. I need to stop giving myself those putts. I made a lot of good size putts to save par to keep myself in it. My putting was real solid today. I felt like I could make anything.

Q. Did you do anything special Thursday night to try to block that out, what might have been and just try to think on the bright side, I am still even, I am still in it?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't know if I did anything special. I mean, just kind of calmed down a little bit, went back to the hotel was like, okay, you are still fighting for the event. That's really what matters, it's not that I was 5-over on the back nine.

Q. One of the people you are tied with is Michelle. You have beaten her before in matchplay tournaments. Does that give you an advantage at all?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Well, there's more than one person to beat here. 63 people made the cut, I think, and you know, if I beat her than that's just one person ahead of everyone else, so I am not going to be playing with her so it's not going to be as much of a matchplay format.

Q. People watching on TV were asking how does a 17-year-old do this? Do you ever ask yourself that?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Never actually. I kind of -- I am kind of baffled by the question because it's -- I have played a lot of events. I know how to play golf and people look at age as something that should set me back, but I don't think it does.

Q. You hit your first putt on 14, I think it was 14, nowhere near the hole. Then after you made the next one, as you were walking off you were bouncing your ball off the putter face as you were walking off with your caddie?


Q. Were you showing her that you heeled that or --

MORGAN PRESSEL: No, I was trying -- downhill putt, I was trying to toe it. I was aiming about two feet left because of the break. It started off at the hole because I opened the face so badly. It was miserable.

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