A Tape Interview With: Michelle Wie

Q. Talk about your start. How did you feel when you first started to play?

MICHELLE WIE: I was a little out of it but momentum, that helped me a lot.

Q. What was the turning point for you in the round today?

MICHELLE WIE: I think that putt after the rain delay, when I made it on the 3rd hole.

Q. How long was that putt?

MICHELLE WIE: About 15 feet.

Q. When the first rain delay happened, what were you thinking?

MICHELLE WIE: Well, I was just happy to get back out there. It felt good.

I was trying to recap what I did.

Q. What was the key for you at that stretch of birdies right before we came back in?

MICHELLE WIE: (Inaudible) Putting, I mean, it felt really good.

Q. What is your plan for tomorrow?

MICHELLE WIE: Make a lot of birdies and play consistently under par.

Q. Any thoughts about what you've done through 16 or 15 today?

MICHELLE WIE: I feel pretty good. We'll see tomorrow.

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