Flash Interview With Morgan Pressel
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Q.  You probably had a pretty good feeling after you birdied 12, right?

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  Oh, yeah.  Yeah, being 4-under, I just missed a birdie on 11 with that pin, and I was certainly playing well.  I still continued to play well.  I hit three unforced errors out there today.

            Q.  How much was the wind a factor today for you?

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  It's just, it's kind of swirling in all the trees that surround this golf course.  So even though you kind of know the main direction of which way the wind is coming from, it's tough to judge over a lot of shots, especially, I mean, standing over at 17 when you've got probably one of the hardest par‑3s you could ever play with that green, you have a long club into the wind but you're not sure which way it's coming off.  And especially when you're in between clubs, it's a very terrifying shot.

            Q.  The course conditions, are they getting a little more difficult as we go along?  Is the course firming up?

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  I think the wind today will certainly firm the course up a little bit more.  The way they set the tees up today, they were probably a little bit more fair in terms of at least being able to reach most of the holes but still give you , it's still a tough task.

            The scores are not going to be low today so that's why I'm a little bummed to bogey the last hole.

            Q.  What did you do on 10?  What was your club choice on the tee?

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  I hit a 5-iron, not a very good 5-iron.  I was in the middle of the fairway, and I hit a gap wedge to about four feet.

            Q.  Did you think about a bigger club?

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  No, not me.  I'm not somebody who hits a mid-level draw with a left-to-right wind.  That wasn't quite my shot, so...

            Q.  How do you feel about your chances?  I mean, you've moved up some.

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  You know, I just kind of after yesterday I was looking at top 10 would be great, and I certainly will probably move up quite a bit today.  Hopefully another round like this, it depends on what the wind does this afternoon, how some of the scores are, but you'll see some good scores because they're out there.  You'll see some high ones, too.

            Q.  (Indiscernible.)

            MORGAN PRESSEL:  She's playing well.



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