Flash Interview With Hee Young Park
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Q.         (Indiscernible)  What happened there?

            HEE YOUNG PARK:  It was just normal par-3 hole but little played too aggressive, hit it on the green.  It was little hooking.

            And then after little hit to the mound, and then bad area to the bunker, some area, but I got to keep playing to hit, try to on the green.  That's why little, going down to the score.

            Q.  Did you leave it in the bunker on your first shot?

            HEE YOUNG PARK:  Yeah.  Over the green, yeah.

            Q.  But you got to the point where you were 3 under.  What was going well for you at that point?

            HEE YOUNG PARK:  My caddie with me tried to just par 5 or like, I got to hit it to the last to the 100 yards, little aggressive, hit it to the pin.

            And then after the, like, little hilling or little far away to the par-4 hole just keeping the middle or like keep playing to the uphill putt.  That's why easy to play 2-under par.

            Q.  (Indiscernible.)

            HEE YOUNG PARK:  Yeah, it was very difficult.  In the morning, more faster than now, so like if I go to the highest, high to the pin, never stop it nearby to the hole.  So we were try to do uphill putt every hole.

            So I'm going to play little bit easier after the first birdie putt.

            Q.  How easy did you have to hit a downhill putt?

            HEE YOUNG PARK:  Not too, looking at the hole, more like a high point of some area, more actually, like one cup, two cup little breaker, but more, like two yards over, go a little slower.  Yeah, very a lot of angles, yeah.  That's finish to the good round today.



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